5 tips when choosing which piano shop to buy your piano from

There are many pianos for sale, but you must be very careful with choosing the best shop for your purchase. These tips will help you in making the right choice

· The difference brand: the quality of your decision making on the right choice of piano is determined by the amount of alternatives you have. Having a lot of brands will help you to select the best from the list of manufacturers. The shop you intend to visit must have different brands of piano because this will help you in getting the best out of your money.

· The warranty: the shop you intend to buy your piano must have warranty on their product. The warranty gives you guarantee about the product you are buying and this warranty varies with different manufacturer. It ranges from five to ten years period under one owner only.

· Availability of yamaha pianos technician: the availability of technician who can help you in tuning the piano to produce a lovely sound is necessary when considering the shop to buy your piano from.

· Repair service: this is another tip you must consider when looking for a shop to buy your piano from. In case of minor issue with the piano, the shop should support in fixing it.

· Installation: the shop should assist in the initial installation of the piano if the need arises